Theory According to Cal

Theory According to Cal

This is a lesson that Calvin made a number of years ago explaining how he thinks about music. Calvin is not formally trained through the traditional music school system but has learned his craft at home, by ear & by playing with and listening to fellow musicians. This is a lesson that Calvin has taught at numerous fiddle camps and fiddlers attending this workshop, they have said "this turned on the light for me".

You will learn the basics to get you started and how to learn tunes. You will also learn 2 tunes in this video. Be sure to download the chart that is provided for you as well.

When Calvin made this video, he gave it to a friend who was about 50 years old that always wanted to play the fiddle but never had the time to try. Calvin said play this video from the beginning (it's about 59 minutes long) and see if you can learn the 1st tune within 2 hours of watching the video. He did and played it pretty good.

1000's of people have benefited from this lesson. Have fun

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Theory According to Cal
  • Theory According to Cal (1 hour lesson)

    I'm a self taught fiddler/musician that didn't get any formal training. I learned by listening to my heroes and fellow musicians and kinda connected the dots.

    So you get to hang with me here for about 1 hour and I explain how you can get to understand how music is put together in this simple, e...