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With your paid subscription, you have access to over 170 videos and all the sheet music in all collections 24/7. I've added backing tracks to some tunes that we have backing tracks for. Backing tracks are not available for all tunes though. The backing tracks are actually from Calvin's CDs, minus the fiddle track. Watch videos on your computer, phone, ipad, tablet, any device. Click on the 'CONTENT' button (above) to see the collection of videos. Periodically we will add more videos, sheet music & backing tracks to each collection.

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Each tune video will contain:
1. Calvin playing the tune at full tempo
2. Calvin playing the scale that the tune is in so you get familiar with the notes in that particular tune/key.
3. A digitally slowed down video, with a close up of Calvin's left hand to see the fingering & a full shot to analyze his bowing.

For the past few years Calvin ran an instructional video program called '2'sday 2'nes, where fiddlers who signed up were emailed 2 videos of tunes & a Cal Tip every Tuesday for 12 weeks. This was a lot of emailing. There had to be a better way so with a little research, we found Vimeo. The perfect platform for what we were looking for. So now instead of fiddlers getting 24 tunes over 12 weeks with 2'sday 2'nes, fiddlers now have access to all of the videos, 24/7, 365 days a year, starting with 117 videos on launch day Oct 8, 2018. Sign up for the 3 day free trial and check it out!

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Calvin is a fiddling master that has accomplished so much over his career. He has composed in the neighborhood of 700 tunes in various styles that fiddlers all over the world play and have recorded on their own albums. He has released 68 of his own recordings. Calvin's tunes have become standards in fiddler's repertoires everywhere. For example, at the 2017 Canadian Grand Masters Competition held in Valleyfield Quebec, there were 33 contestants and 36 times you heard a Calvin tune. At the 2017 annual fiddle contest in Pembroke ON, 68 times we heard a Calvin tune. These competitors range in age from 7 to well into their 80s; Calvin's tunes appeal to all. In the 2018 edition of the Canadian Grand Master's Fiddling Competition held in Ottawa Ont, Calvin's students placed 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th & 8th playing his tunes & no, Calvin wasn't judging...

"Calvin's compositions and playing has influenced and inspired fiddlers from across Canada. I have learned, played and taught Calvin tunes for decades and they are nothing but great fun and always have the groove that will make your foot tap, or just make you want to dance. His compositions cross the spectrum from beginner to advanced and challenges the wicked that wants to step it up a notch. Calvin has, and still to this day, had a huge impact in the fiddle scene, simply exemplary!"
Louis Schryer (4x CGM Fiddle Champion – Quebec)

"As a competition fiddler, I played a lot of Calvin Vollrath tunes over the years. As a fiddle teacher, I teach a lot of his tunes today. Whether the student needs something real old timey, something a little bit funky, or something that's already a fiddle classic, I can always find something from Calvin's catalogue that's sure to please."
Patti Kusturok (3x CGM Fiddle Champion – Manitoba)

“Vollrath tunes have become standard for any Canadian fiddler. The tunes are catchy, full of musical value, and knee deep in tradition. If you want tunes for a fun jam, group harmony fun, or tunes that will take your playing to the next level, then make sure you add some Calvin tunes to your repertoire. In the long list of tunes you will find a fit for any level of player and no matter your genre of interest, the musicality will speak to you.”
Mark Sullivan (3x CGM Fiddle Champion – British Columbia)

“Lots of people are impressed by the number of tunes Calvin has written. And sure that’s impressive on its own, but I’ll tell you what amazes me…each one is as good as the next! Calvin writes tunes in a variety of styles and nails it every time. Some make you dance, some make you cry, some make you remember…but each one of them touches your heart. They are gems and they are my favourites to play, solo or in a jam session. If there aren’t a few Calvin tunes in your fiddle repertoire, then it’s just not complete .”
April Verch (1997 CGM Fiddle Champion - Ontario)

"I love Calvin's tunes for their perfect mix of old time traditional feel and structures, with interesting chord progressions and twists. And no matter what type of melody you are looking for - country swing, airs, waltzes, clogs, schottisches, jigs, reels, two steps - he has them all.”
James Steele (2013 CGM Fiddle Champion - Saskatchewan)

“Calvin has composed a rich and varied repertoire of tunes that make you want to dance, catchy tunes that you hum or whistle after listening, tunes that tell a story and tunes that travel and are played all over North America and beyond.”
Daniel Gervais (2011 & 2016 CGM Fiddle Champion - Alberta)

“We both love Calvin's fiddle music. Calvin's tunes are fun, high energy and full of life! We both have played The Waltz of Joyce Montgomery to win several fiddle contests here in the United States.” Joe Sites (US National Fiddle Champion) & Jacie Sites (US Grand Master Fiddle Champion Idaho)

So there you have it, directly from the masters, you need to be learning some Calvin tunes but on this site you will have access to the Métis Style Fiddle, as well as standard old time jam tunes that you'll hear at most any jam session in Canada and many parts of the USA. There is also a 1 hour lesson called 'Theory According to Cal' for those that have never played before but want to learn. This 1 hour lesson will get you started in the right direction and open up the doors to learning music for the rest of your life.

  • Theory According to Cal (1 hour lesson)

    1 video — 1 extra

    I'm a self taught fiddler/musician that didn't get any formal training. I learned by listening to my heroes and fellow musicians and kinda connected the dots.
    So you get to hang with me here for about 1 hour and I explain how you can get to understand how music is put together in this simple, ea...

  • Novice Level Videos (Calvin's Compositions)

    35 videos — 51 extras

    These are wonderful tunes that will be easier to learn for most fiddlers. There is sheet music for all the tunes so be sure to look at those as well.

    Some backing tracks (BT.mp3) from Calvin's original albums have have now been uploaded. Not all the tunes have backing tracks though. Playing a...

  • Intermediate Level Videos (Calvin's Compositions)

    35 videos — 61 extras

    These are great tunes that might be a little tougher than the novice level tunes.

  • Advanced Level Videos (Calvin's Compositions)

    35 videos — 56 extras

    These will be a tad more challenging for some but jump in. That's how you get better

  • Standard Jam Tunes
    22 videos — 1 extra

    Standard Jam Tunes

    22 videos — 1 extra

    Tunes you will probably come across at jam sessions in Canada.

  • Métis Style Videos
    22 videos — 34 extras

    Métis Style Videos

    22 videos — 34 extras

    The tunes in this collection are from the Métis tradition. Métis is the french word for mixed blood. The tunes can be quite crooked, which means they don't follow the standard meter that we might be used to. Not all of these tunes are crooked though. This music has a lot of drive and is built to ...

  • Theory According to Cal
    1 video — 1 extra

    Theory According to Cal

    1 video — 1 extra

    This is a lesson that Calvin made a number of years ago explaining how he thinks about music. Calvin is not formally trained through the traditional music school system but has learned his craft at home, by ear & by playing with and listening to fellow musicians. This is a lesson that Calvin ...

  • 'Cal Tips'
    28 videos — 1 extra

    'Cal Tips'

    28 videos — 1 extra

    This is a series of videos where Calvin isn't teaching you a tune but showing you techniques, tricks, exercises to help you sound better. I'm open to suggestions if anyone has any suggestions for future Cal Tips.

  • Calvin Vollrath Fiddle Videos Subscription

    You have the option to subscribe or purchase/rent individual videos. If you want to purchase/rent, click on 'content'. There you will find all the videos for purchase/rent. There is well over 100 lessons for purchase/rent including the ever popular 'Cal Tips'. Sheet Music & Backing Tracks are inc...

  • Calvin Vollrath CD Release Concert - (05/24/2020)

    1 video

    Calvin Vollrath in a virtual concert. Calvin Vollrath & Friends. Featuring 28 new tunes from his 2 new CDS released on May 24, 2020 called:
    20/20 Fiddlin' - Calvin Vollrath & Friends - Edition 1 & 2

    This video is for purchase or rent. With a purchase, you can access to the video 24/7 and with a...

  • Cal Tips/ A Flowing Bow Arm - Purchase/Rental

    1 video

    Instead of purchasing a subscription and having access to all the material, you can purchase or rent individual videos. With a purchase, you can access the video 24/7 and with a rental, you get access for 3 days. In this lesson you'll learn how to develop a nice smooth, flowing bowing arm. There ...